Wednesday, May 9, 2012

busy busy busy

Gosh it has just been busy busy around here - not with anything useful or worthwhile, but it seems my bum has hardly touched a chair since I got home. Which is nonsense of course, I've done nothing but watch TV every evening and sit glued to my (work) emails all day, but I will not get reality get in the way of a good whine. Number one son had his birthday party on Sunday - not really a party, more a playdate with cake - but even with just three guests it was surprisingly loud and boisterous. Why do I find it surprising that ten year old boys are noisy? I should know better by now.

He wanted a Wind Turbine cake. I said really? a what? and asked for more details ... and then it got a little hazy so I made him draw me up some specs. Then I got to look at the plans and say "Maate, I can do it, but it'll cost... are you sure you don't want a normal one because I've got one in the ute" ... he looked at me blankly and I ended up making the damn cake.

It doesn't look a lot like a wind turbine, but he liked it. And the other boys thought it was cool. Apparently there is a fascination with wind turbines! Who knew.

In craft-related events, I tried these cheap wooden block letters I fossicked off the clearance table at Typo a couple of weeks ago. They were 50 cents each, and you get what you pay for, but it's an interesting effect. Maybe for quilt backs? I used fabric paint for this and heat set it, so it should be wash proof. They didn't have the full range of letters so I just got a few bits and bobs, so other than my own name (yay!) I may not be able to spell much. It might be like one of those novels where they don't use the letter e ... I can think of uplifting aphorisms or life mottos that only use L, E, Y, N, O and a $ symbol. "$O LONELY" is all I've got so far.


  1. I don't want to be hurtful but... I think you make more artistic quilts than turbine cakes. Sorry.

  2. Quite so - my genius may not be adequately reflected in baked goods.

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