Sunday, May 27, 2012


I called this wee scrap quilt Tracks. It's not a very imaginative name, but really, it's not a very imaginative quilt! Fun to make though - a slightly rough combination of yellow and purple solids and then completely random scraps.

I took it to Quilters on Friday - the first time I had been to the Friday quilting group (I usually go to the Wednesday, not that I have been at all this year). It's a smaller group, and very friendly, so I just sat and stitched and chatted a little bit. I did big-stitch hand quilting on this, which I really like the look of, but I always feel as if I should be apologetic for the lack of technique whenever I do it. Actually I feel apologetic whenever I do anything quilt-related around people who might know what they're talking about .... but I did fill in my entries for the exhibition in August, so I'll put my little offerings out in the world again this year. Gulp.

I photographed this quilt outside and it is so lovely and autumnal - crisp still air, golden light, orangey colours. Canberra is very pleasant at this time of year (although it was basically sleeting on Thursday brrrr).

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  1. oh that looks so pretty and peaceful! we are just gearing up for summer here. spring has been weird - hot one day, cold the next. and when i say hot, i mean hot and humid! yuck.

    anyway, the quilt is lovely.