Sunday, April 29, 2012


This used to be a terrible failure of a quilt. I tried to free-motion with that horrible horrible invisible thread - clear like fishing line - and it was awful. I've struggled through with it on a few quilts, but this little number had a whole pile of things wrong with it. It was made from some quite cute charm squares, and my own blue, but none of the points matched. I decided not to fix that, but I did pull out ALL the ugly invisible thread.

I threw away the nasty cheap polyester batting, and the pieced backing of mutant blends.

Then a simple straight line machine quilting, a proper back of pretty fabric and a striped binding. And it's rescued! I am so pleased, this has been sitting on top of my cupboard for ages. It was underneath a Carpenter's Star - baby-sized and piecing all done - that was so awful in colour and execution that it went straight to the bin. Didn't even stop to take a photo ... a moment of guilt and then liberation!

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  1. your quilt is really cute! i've never used that invisible thread, but i've heard horror stories about it. glad you got it all figured out!