Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why so huge?

When I was sewing these 49 patch blocks I consciously thought "I'll only make 16, so the final quilt won't be too big, I'm sick of wrestling enormous quilts..." But I must have had a brain explosion because the final version is 80 inches a side which is NOT SMALL. The borders for each block won't have helped. Originally I was going to sash it quite narrowly but I couldn't find a fabric that looked any good - white was too boring, cream was even worse, dark looked odd and striped looked so busy it would make your eyeballs bleed.

And I do like to pile on the different patterns. Why use a couple of fabrics when you can use fifty? It looks quite cheerful and scrappy, but I do think I have got this "large scrap quilt" phase out of my system now. I need to buy batting, then some simple machine quilting is all it needs. I briefly thought about hand quilting but Far Too Many Seams.

The boys decided to make cushions the other day. In truth, they pick the fabric and I make the cushions, although they do the stuffing themselves. It's a wonderful way to use up all the little scraps of batting.

After I did them they said they were dog beds, we don't have a dog, so one of them improvised.


  1. Oh, what a sweet boy! Makes me yearn for the days when my children were small.

    Should it not be sort of getting cold now? Like, non-shorts weather? I was led to believe it was autumn in Australia.

  2. Autumn is beautiful in Canberra Isabelle - a bit of a nip in the air morning and night but the days are mid 20s and sunny ... I might go and take some photos of the leaves now :)