Monday, April 9, 2012


We decided to have a little mini-break over Easter - to the fine town of Wollongong, a couple of hours away from here, on the coast, south of Sydney. We'd never been before, which seemed enough of a reason to go! On the way down we did the Illawarra Fly, at my suggestion. I must have been ON DRUGS when I thought it would be a good idea because I am scared of heights ... like my fabulous idea to do the Kosciusko chairlift last November. What was I thinking?

Number two son and husband loved it. Number one son and I clung onto each other and inched our way around (and refused to go up the wobbly wobbly tower). It was incredibly scenic and very safe but there is something about walking on steel mesh 30 metres in the air that freaks me out.
We had hoped to do some swimming - Wollongong has lovely beaches - but the weather crapped out a bit on Saturday afternoon and it was windy and cold. We still did some walking, checked out the Science Museum and Planetarium (was excellent, can highly recommend), and visited the Eggstravaganza downtown on Saturday morning. Free petting zoo! Can't ask for more than that...

It's so nice to get away, even somewhere close and unexciting, in global terms. The boys are so easy to please - the highlight was the breakfast buffet each morning and an hour spent chucking rocks in the sea! And for me it's exactly a year since the first chemo, and anything is better than that.

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