Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dresden plates

You know how sometimes you think that something is just going to be Too Hard? And so you never do it? I had put double-fold binding with mitred corners in that category for years, until I sat down and did it, and it was incredibly easy. For some reason I had the same mental block about Dresden Plates so I did what any  normal quilter would do and bought a tool that had "easy" in the title. Or, in this case, "EZ". But I think the principle is the same.

It was genuinely easy, and lots of fun. Because there's a great round gap in the middle of the wedges, it is actually quite a forgiving block. If you don't mind ironing (steaming) any wobbles into submission, then it will sit flat no matter how randomly accurate my 1/4 inch seam is. I like that in a block.

I started with the border fabric and worked backwards to find the other colours - this is, again, a gender-neutral baby quilt. I machine-stitched the plates down so it should stand a fair bit of baby spit and subsequent washing.

It was the last day of term on Friday so we spent yesterday quietly - resting, and then burning things. I found this old brazier when we did the shed clear-out in January; it had been put away since the boys were born because toddlers and fire aren't so good together .... but fire and boys? Match made in heaven. Boom boom! Actually I don't let them near the matches, twigs and gum leaves are bad enough. We spent a happy hour toasting the last half loaf of bread and smothering it with butter and jam. Nothing like woodsmoke-flavoured toast! Although this one might have been a bit TOO burnt.

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