Friday, April 13, 2012

Garment sewing

I bought this stripey top for work a few weeks ago. I have trouble with work shirts; I like them to be not too tight, not too short, sleeves of a decent length, preferably not collars, not need ironing and enough of a pattern to distract from the bulges and wobbles underneath. It's not easy. So when this one was so good (looks better on the model but hey) I thought I would dip my toe back into garment sewing and try and make one. Just a few seams! Not much shaping? How hard can it be? I used this pattern, which promised easiness. And, in the main, lived up to that. I don't know if was two hours though.

I also used some pretty ghastly polyester print - it was cheap and I thought it would do for the first one - it's a nice colour but was a complete pain to sew. Slipping and sliding and not staying where it was put. Give me quilting cottons any time. But in the end it worked out fine, and the top looks as good as it's going to get on me ... I might make another one. This photo is a bit of shocker though! I wasn't really busting to have a pee, despite what it looks like. I think I was trying to slim my thighs. Oh dear.

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