Friday, April 27, 2012

Just because

This is for no reason at all - I just felt I needed a half-apron, and why not make it flowery and gathered while you're at it. At the risk of being the most uncool person in the universe, I really like wearing aprons. They cover up your clothes. Not that my clothes are particularly precious, but I am a spectacularly messy cook. I get crap everywhere when I cook - over me, over the floor ... I wipe my hands on my trousers and forget to close drawers, so the bits of food go all through the cupboards as well. An apron goes some way towards preventing the worst of it.

I'm doing the knee bend again, not sure why. It's the last day of the school holidays here, it's been a very quiet one but the boys haven't objected to being at home most days... pyjamas until midday! They're doing something suspicious in the garden in their jammies at the moment, they seem to be poking sticks into the dirt. We've kept up the burning twilight tradition, so they might be gathering kindling for tonight's smoke-filled hoe down.


  1. cute apron! i'm thinking of making myself a sewing apron for when i machine quilt. just tossing the idea around right now, though.

  2. Well, it's a very nice apron but personally I tend to get messy above the waist too so I go for the full apron look. So take comfort that you're not as spectacularly messy as I am.