Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Still quiet times

Not much to report here - despite the onset of spring I'm having little fires in the fireplace to keep myself warm and amused. It is lovely to have the firelight, although I don't think I can spin it out for much longer. I went for a run on Saturday and it was positively roasting. There was some new public art around the lake - I think it's temporary for Floriade. It was pretty cool.

I did some more weaving on the weekend, a little bit more on-line shopping, and lots of binge watching of Brooklyn Nine Nine with number two son. We also watched the new episode of Doctor Who and loved it! I think she'll be a great doctor. We were both sitting there on the edge of our seats with a creepy new alien saying "we've missed this!!!" ... doesn't take much to keep us entertained. And when we needed additional amusement we put the snuggly blanket over the dog's head. She didn't care.

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