Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Hobby = shopping

Like always happens when I get a new hobby, I've gone a little crazy on the on-line shopping. I have never really bought yarn before, other than the occasional bit from the chain stores, and I am only now realising it is a wonderful wonderful world of on-line possibilities. Ice Yarns in Turkey have delivered me some variegated 100%  wool for a bargain price. And some very fine alpaca, with 2% elastane. I didn't think it would be very stretchy, but it is. I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to weave with it, but it is very soft and fluffy.

Left front there is some silk - the yellow is thicker and the beige stuff on the cones is very fine. I'll have to ply it with something else to be able to weave with it on the rigid heddle, but I'm quite keen to try silk. Actually I'm keen to try ALL THE YARNS ... the far left blue and burgundy balls are a mostly wool, with some alpaca and silk blend. Time to stop shopping and start weaving.

We had a peaceful long weekend, mostly warm but some use of the fireplace anyway. I had brunch with a friend and did some errands - number two son had his last day of school on Friday and last theatre performance on Saturday so he spent the following 48 hours in his pyjamas not doing much of anything! And I don't blame him. The days are long enough now for me to walk home from work which I did .... the shadows are coming across but it was sunny and very pleasant.

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