Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week Five!!!

Here I am already at week 5 of my six weeks leave ... it seemed like so much time at the start and now it's nearly gone! I am trying to do as many of things I said I would do as I possibly can, including the fun things like catching up with people. Not all chores, although I have been very productive again today - dropped off some pictures to be framed, went into work to print off my payment summary so I can do the taxes, posted off the boys' NZ citizenship applications (which I've been meaning to do since the day they were born) and had lunch with my husband. And went for an 8 km run, which means it's the end of the day now and I'm having a bit of a lie down with a coffee and a book. No sewing though ... maybe this evening. I would also like to record for posterity that over the last few days I have emptied and cleaned the fridge, sorted the drawer of school notices and permission forms, spent an hour at the hardware store trying to find the right screws for the new cupboard door handles, and bought a lotto ticket so I can pay someone else to do this shit for the rest of my life.

And on the weekend I made a nana net curtain for the dressing room. Yes, I use the drawers as a cutting table, they are exactly the right height. This window used to have a very ugly cheap roman blind that wasn't the right size and just got in the way. I know the net curtain is so old-fashioned but the window is north-facing, and now all the sunshine pours in. It's organza rather than net. I wanted to buy the organza with little gold sparkling stars all over it but it might have been a bit eight-year-old-girl for my husband.

Yesterday morning I was driving off to do whatever it is I do and I got to the end of the road and had to stop and take a picture of the snow on the hills - and it looks like a big snow cloud sitting over them as well, dropping more down. What this picture doesn't show is the big fat rainbow sitting over the tall white building - it was so dramatic that I thought it must have been captured in the picture, but no. I don't really understand rainbows, maybe they are like vampires and don't take a good photo. Looks pretty, but there was a biting cold wind with it.

Last night we watched TV with quilts and snuggly blankets (open plan 1970s house has crap insulation and heating) which the dog just loves. She managed to get a blanket of her own, and she is resting her head on a pile of washing (clean, folded washing, now with extra dog hair). About two seconds after this photo was taken she fell asleep and started snoring.

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  1. i am lmao. every thing in my house is enhanced with dog or cat hair! we just figure it's extra fiber. hahaha. and as far as the lottery ticket goes, i bought one before work this morning. the jackpot is 422 million dollars. i think i may get a cleaning lady too if i won . can't imagine it being cold right now. we are just coming out of a terrible heat wave. heat indexes were like 114 degrees farenheit. our house is circa 1950 or thereabouts, maybe even older. there isn't any insulation in it. the good thing is, the walls are plaster and lathe, so there is some sound barrier between the rooms. i went upstairs the other night and leaned against the outside wall up there and it was actually very warm to the touch! that heat just bakes into everything. ugh. give me snow any day...