Tuesday, July 19, 2016

And now they're back at school :)

Holidays have finished and I am enjoying the peace and quiet very much. How will I ever get back to work? It is so lovely to have the day entirely at my own disposal, although I'm still trying to be useful. I gave up on the boring list at the end of the blog post, lists are a bit pointless, when I can write whole blog posts about my boring chores! Yes I can, especially when I've had a burst of enthusiasm like the last couple of days. 

To start with I went into work and finally changed my library books (and said hello to everyone, they were a bit puzzled to see me at first but understood about the library books). I cleaned out the spice shelf and threw out anything that had expired, or which I couldn't identify. It hadn't been done for a few years and was a bit disgusting.

I screwed the power board that we use for charging all our i-things into a shelf so it is now fixed in ONE PLACE and we shouldn't have to constantly hunt for chargers despite having millions of the things. We will see how that goes. I did wipe the shelf down too, after I'd taken this photo. 

I took all the good crockery and crystal that we never use out of the cupboard, carefully washed it, cleaned out the cupboard and put it back in. So we can continue to never use it ... cleanly. Slightly pointless, but I can feel the approval of maternal and grand maternal ghosts. 

I dyed number two son's hair blue, to celebrate the start of the new term. You can see the blue through the plastic, but because his hair is orangey yellow, it actually ends up a rather fetching bottle green. And will wash out completely in six weeks. He says no-one at school even noticed, which may well be true.

The only project I did nothing for was this miniature prototype hang glider taking over my living room floor. Number one son told me "You can't come in here! I have claimed this room for Science!!!!!" Which is hard to be too cross with, at least he's not playing computer games for once. Luckily Science ceded sovereignty back to me before dinner.


  1. well, now that you have all the work done, you get to have fun sewing! i loved the pics. it is so interesting to me to see little things that are different. like the power strip. i always heard the outlets were different in other countries, but had never seen what they looked like.

  2. Have they been seduced by Pokemon Go? Their boy cousin here is racking up the kilometres - like you, you can't argue too much when it's got him off the couch, even if not away from a screen.

  3. This living ghost just did the same thing with all the beautiful bone china teasets we got as wedding presents - washed them and put them back in the dresser to never use for another 50 years (I hope).