Saturday, July 23, 2016

More baby quilts

The second half of the week wasn't quite as productive as the first half - horrible weather for starters, which made me want to lie on the sofa with a blanket and a book. And more social - I met a couple of friends in a bar for drinks on Thursday evening, and had a lovely long lunch with a friend on Friday. The bar was quite trendy and full of young men with facial hair, but mostly lit by candles so no-one could see that I didn't fit in. Or see anything really. The sound system was driven by a turntable on the bar playing vinyl records .... apparently that's a thing now too. I'm so OLD.

The grey and yellow one is the one I did down at the beach - here it is quilted but not trimmed and bound.  Just four simple Jacob's ladder blocks (or I call them Jacob's ladder blocks, there is a wide variety of block names out there) and quilted in my favourite repeating kites. I'm piecing the batting which is very satisfying. I have a tub stuffed full of offcuts that I can't bear to throw out - but it is such a pain to piece them for anything large that I always end up cutting new lengths from the roll. So piecing just two or three bits for these tiny quilts makes me very happy, and I've used about half the tub.

This just a single block - one over-sized Lemoyne star - but I like the border fabric with its little paw prints. I might need to do different quilting on the different bits of this. I'm trying to get away with an allover pattern (and a single colour thread!) wherever possible, but I don't think I'll be able to with this one. Still, the quilts are so small and easy that it's not so much trouble to change threads. I am still enjoying making them, but I must do some binding to catch up with myself, before it becomes a chore.

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