Saturday, July 9, 2016

Some very boring photographs

It is quite hard to take photos of a white-painted hallway and make it look in any way interesting. So I'm not going to try - just present them as they are - I don't care how boring it looks because it took forever and I am very pleased it's done! I thought it would take two days and six litres of paint ... it took four days and sixteen litres ... we might have underestimated the scale of the project. So there were a few trudges back to Bunnings for more low sheen White Polar quarter strength. Like any bloody painting project we undertake.

Here is the looking up from the living room to the front door, then up from the front door to the top level.

This is the middle level hallway. Many cupboards.

This is the upper hallway. I know, not very exciting. But it is so fresh and clean! After ten years of kids and pets and schoolbags it was absolutely filthy. We went for a bright white, slightly grey rather than the slightly ivory it used to be, and it is much lighter. We will re-hang the pictures, but we're just enjoying this Polar expanse for a while.

Number one son was very useful and made a solid contribution with only a limited amount of whinging and not too much paint where we didn't want it to be. He didn't enjoy it though... forced child labour and all that. We're trying to tell him he is only a couple of years off part-time jobs and serious study, and this is the easy bit, but that goes down as well as it normally does with a  fourteen-year old.


  1. I'm so impressed, even 4 days seems like speedy work to me. Number one son's height would have been very useful - and that's a pretend pout if I've ever seen one.

  2. He's an actor. By the way, I've noticed that I spelt "Linley" as "Lynley" in my blog, which you presumably noticed but were too polite to mention. This is entirely your fault because I've been able to spell it for years, before I came across you! Princess Margaret (ie the Queen's late sister) was married to the great-grandson (I think that's right) of L Sambourne and he was created Viscount Linley, and his son is David Linley, which I thought was the only way to spell it till you came along. I'm getting old and confused... More relevantly to your blog, that looks nice and shiny and clean.