Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Snow flurries

Canberra's weather nadir - the dismal forecast "snow flurries" - is due for tomorrow so the boys and I are escaping to the beach, where at least it will be 15 degrees, not 5. The awful thing about "snow flurries" is that there's usually no snow, just low grey clouds, biting cold and horrible wind. Actual snow would be quite exciting and unusual.

It has been very lovely here the last couple of days without having to do any painting - now we are contemplating door handles. The ones at the hardware store are very boring, so we're going online for something more exciting in the cupboard knob department. And there are billions! We will have to make a decision on them quicker than our normal four years because we are having trouble getting to the towels (with no knob and I won't let them touch the paintwork, it's quite a challenge).

Here is the latest baby quilt - green and yellow trip around the world. I quilted the other pink one so progress is on target.  Another reason for going to the beach is that I put my sewing machine in for its regular service yesterday, so I need to go and visit my spare sewing machine for a few days. We have also got movies, recipe books and we went to the library yesterday .... and a couple of bottles of wine for me, just in case the children get cabin fever and drive me to drink. Yes, it's a short trip.


  1. very pretty! trip around the world is one of my favorite patterns.

  2. Beach in winter sounds awesome. Enjoy.