Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The baby quilts

Here are another two baby quilts, one ready for quilting and one quilted. I'm still having fun with these. I quilted little flowers on it.

I'm trying to do a variety, for people with different tastes, but it's hard not to do what I like. So they are mostly being quite scrappy but with quite clear colours, to suit me. Oh well, if they don't sell it doesn't matter, I will take them back and give to them to friends.

The election on Saturday was a bit of a fizzer because there was no result - too close to call and lots more counting needed. A minority government is no bad thing really, because it makes them work together to get things done, but the uncertainty isn't fantastic.

We are ploughing ahead with the painting - it is indeed a great big pain in the arse because of the design of the house - perhaps even more so that we were expecting. It's not like a room that you can shut off either, the hallways are needed and quite narrow, so you spend a bit of time trying not to bang into each other and then moving stuff around so the kids / dog / cat can get past without knocking everything over.

Number two son has performances of The Frog Prince all week to hordes of schoolchildren (which he enjoys, with a bit of eye rolling) and number one son is proving very useful at painting (again, there is eye rolling). I thought it might only take a couple of days but we've been at it two days now and still have to do one ceiling and a complete second coat, so might be all week....

Monday - 4 km run, went to the hardware and bought paint, rollers, drop cloths etc, quilted baby quilt, spakfilled.
Tuesday - masked, sanded, painted.
Wednesday - painted.

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  1. Your quilts are (predictably) beautiful. I especially love the blue and yellow one.