Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day

I hope everyone had a very pleasant and relaxed Christmas. We certainly did - just the four of us opening presents, eating whatever we wanted, and doing whatever took our fancy. Reading books, playing computer games and watching movies mostly. My husband did the cooking and took the dog for a walk - I did the dishes and napped. Perfect. On Christmas Eve we went into town and saw the lights like we did last year.

It was a world record this year - most lights on a Christmas tree! and it was very very sparkly. When we arrived the lights were pulsing in tune with Bohemian Rhapsody ... and there you have Canberra in a nutshell. This is my son making ET hands. Creepy child.

I am not sure why there was a polar bear out of lights - not very Christmassy I thought to myself - and then went home and took a look at the bottom of my Christmas tree. Maybe there is something about polar bears - all that snow?

Christmas Day was quite hot, especially later in the day, but today has rained and rained. Good news for the bush fires that have been burning down houses in various parts of the country, and good news for our garden too. We went round to friends today for a lovely relaxed brunch - sat and watched it pelting down. My husband says he brought it on by watering the hibiscus and by running out the laundry hose - he carefully hooked it all up to the washing machine and positioned it on the garden - stepped back with a feeling of satisfaction just as the first thunder rolled ... and it's been raining ever since.

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  1. Well, could you ask your husband to be a bit more careful in future, since it's been raining here since last night too? It must be a long hose...