Saturday, December 19, 2015

The scrap vomit complete

I'm still calling it a scrap vomit - unfortunately I can't give it another name because this quilt doesn't have a name (other than "Happy 40th Birthday Karen!" which is what is on the label). It is a present for a friend who has three boys so I was very pleased when it turned out nice and girly. Not that she is a very girly girl, but you know, a bit of balance.

It is quilted with an allover curved design because I didn't think it needed any more lines, and I bordered and bound it in two different light yellows. I was going to do a striped binding but it was too much and in the end I went with something that blended it a bit more! I think in hindsight I could have done with a more definite pink, to make the pattern a bit more obvious. Never mind - maybe next time (although I am unlikely to do another one any time soon. It got a bit boring.)

School finished yesterday so I knocked off early and met the boys at the shops for an ice-cream and a catch up with friends. It was 34 degrees yesterday - heading for 36 today and 37 tomorrow - so summer has well and truly arrived. We've raced around all morning doing chores and tidying so that this afternoon we can just lie around feebly and watch movies and eat icy poles. We might go to the shops where it's cool - although everyone else in Canberra will be there too - it's a toss-up. There's a cool change coming through Monday that will bring it down to a brisk 27 degrees, and it should stay that way until Christmas which is very good news. I like to drag everyone out for a walk on Christmas afternoon but no chance if it's over 35.

I took a day off work on Wednesday to do my Christmas shopping - and to go to the newly opened Canberra IKEA! Such excitement, I'd never been to an IKEA before, and it was truly wondrous. So many pretty things that would make my home into a wonderland of organisation and minimal design. If I bought anything, which I didn't. Maybe next time. I moved on to other shops, and did most of my Christmas shopping, which was a win.

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  1. You went to Ikea and DIDN@T BUY ANYTHING!!!! You are truly superhuman... which I've suspected for some time.