Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Some sewing-related activity

Just to prove that I have been doing some quilting related things (other than shopping, went to Spotlight on the weekend, they were having a massive sale) here is some dyeing. Blues this time. I have oranges batching away as well.

And I am quilting the blue and green snail trail. I stared at it for ages trying to think of a quilting design that would follow the snails around and emphasise the pattern. And then I thought bugger it, let's do feathers. So I am - nice fat feathers reasonably close together and just ignoring the piecing design.

I would be further along than I am but I melted my plastic water jug all over the iron ("What's that smell? Can you smell something? Are you kids making toast?") and it took forever to clean up. And to be honest I'm not sure if the iron will ever be the same again.

In another frustrating few hours of sewing, I attempted to make mastectomy swimwear because the stuff you can buy is so expensive and ugly and a dreadful cut. Unfortunately I had no luck at all - I have successfully made swimwear in the past and I'm quite happy with it technically - but I cannot get the structure of the breast pocket right. It has to be quite solid to hold the fake boob in while you leap around in the surf, and swimsuit material is very stretchy. I tried a couple of methods using multiple linings, and it didn't work, so I will put it one side for now, and do a bit of internet shopping. I might have to go to American shops, they have everything!


  1. i love all those dyed fabrics you make. those colors are so pretty. good luck with the swimwear. that must be quite challenging. too bad you couldn't just forgo the appendage and to heck with it. oh, and the big feathers work just fine with the snail trail...

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