Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kind of busy, but not really

A whole week since I blogged! I would like to say it's because of my christmas partying, but that would be a complete fib. We did have our work Christmas do on Tuesday lunchtime, which was very enjoyable, and then the school Christmas concert on Wednesday evening. For once it was a beautiful evening - not too hot, not raining, not blowing a gale, and not a freezing ten degrees. We have had every weather variation over the years except a lovely summer evening - and we finally got that on Wednesday. Number two son is in there somewhere, over on the right. They sang a cappella and did a wonderful job.

Number one son was meant to be at baseball practice but he's got an infected ingrown toenail, poor kiddie, it's very swollen and sore. His father suffered terribly with ingrown toe nails when he was a teenager and the doctor used to cut them out every time - so they went off to the doctor on Friday full of expectations of hacking and slicing and chopping ... but apparently they don't do that any more. Antibiotics and bathe the toe and hope it grows through.

My husband has very elegant long fingers and toes (I have fat pig feet and potato-farming hands) and I was pleased when number one inherited his father's digits. I remember so clearly when he was a baby and I'd admire his feet and make him laugh by nibbling on his gorgeous little baby toes ... no way in hell I'd be doing that now - great size twelve hoofers and now all ingrown and mutant. Bloody genetics. Anyway, the toe meant he got to go to his brother's concert, so fun times all round.


  1. I like the little man with his camera that your husband keeps in his hat.

    School concerts outside: a completely foreign concept for a Scottish person.

  2. sounds like you had a wonderful time! when my kids were in band we attended concerts in the city park. very nice time. sorry your boy is suffering with foot pain. not fun. with those long fingers, does either one play piano?

  3. Their oldest boy cousin also suffers horribly from in-grown toe-nails - but in NZ they do still cut them out. Unfortunately it hasn't worked (twice) so he's off to a specialist - fancy that for a job?

  4. My son, a GP, is the go-to man in his medical practice for removing toenails. (The go-toe man, I suppose.) Argh. I can't understand how he can be related to me. I think he must have got swapped at birth.