Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A gentle stroll

Now it's cooled down a bit (thank god! the weekend was just about impossible) I am really enjoying my gentle stroll to work. I won't be able to do it in winter - it's through the bush and just too dark - so the fact that it's seasonal makes it even more enjoyable. Coming home can be a bit of a trudge but first thing in the morning, when it's all fresh, is lovely. The first bit is across the street and up the fire trail. There is where I usually meet George from three doors down walking Snowy his lovely golden retriever.

Then down the narrow track through the bush. If I'm ever going to meet a brown snake I reckon it will be on this track. I do not stick my hands into hollow logs.

Then it's twenty minutes wandering through wide and leafy streets where the posh people live. I would love to live there too - it always feels cool and quiet and calm. Yes, that is a for sale sign, but I suspect it is beyond me. Holy crap, I just googled, it is way beyond me!!! I wonder if they'll get that for it, seems a bit optimistic, even with an indoor pool and a wine cellar.... And the other reason it's all so green is that they've put down bores and are sucking up the aquifer for the garden while the rest of us peasants have to pay for town water.

And then over the ring road and up to the big house on the hill with the flag on top. I tend to get the theme from Bear in the Big Blue House stuck in my head as I walk up this slope - another immovable remnant of the toddler years. "Welcome to the big house, welcome to the big house".... my first fieldwork back after maternity leave with number one son was a series of prison visits (the joys of the public service, you're never quite sure where you will end up) and I had that stuck in my head. Entirely inappropriate. Like the time I got shown round the USS Essex and all I could think of was "War! What is good for? Absolutely NOTHING"...


  1. That looks like a glorious way to start your day - and plenty of time to unwind on the way home. $3.8 million!!! Any way of finding out what they do get for it eventually?

  2. Good lord! Not that I really know what Australian dollars are equivalent to in pounds, but - that does look expensive. If nice.