Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year everyone - welcome to 2016. We've been down the beach since Christmas, enjoying our own little slice of paradise. I know everyone thinks their own place is the best, but it's hard to see how our getaway place could be improved on. Decent waves but still safe swimming, beautiful weather but not too hot, plenty of things without being crowded, birds but not insects.... all wonderful. But I am perhaps not entirely objective.

We had a great week and a bit of swimming and generally hanging out. The weather came through just as we left - 140 mm in one day! That is a lot of rain and a fair bit of flooding along the east coast (the west coast is burning down with bush fires. Yay for Australia). Number one and I explored a bit further on our bikes. There is a bush track that goes behind the dunes all the way down to the airport through  nature reserve (there were signs about endangered grasslands and some sort of potaroo) and we had a great little explore.

He's getting much more confident on his bike now (maybe too confident!) so we'll have to get number two son up and riding. He had a friend down the coast who would just hop on her bike and pop over so I think that's the sell - expand your social circle! see your friends more! Different incentives for different kids - number one was more attracted to the idea that he could go roaming on his own.


  1. your getaway place looks wonderful! and your son looks like an old pro on his bike. our weather is getting colder each day here, seems like. we are expecting some snow over the weekend. finally getting back to normal after the holidays.

  2. You make it sound lovely, as I sit here listening to the rain pattering on the window sill in the black evening...