Saturday, January 16, 2016

Furniture, at last

You know when we started painting the cupboards in the middle of the year, and how I said I would post pictures of the family room at Christmas when it was finished? That proved to be a bit optimistic, but it's finally done. I kind of enjoyed having just a completely empty space off the kitchen, but it wasn't very practical. It's not an easy room to use because it's not big, and you walk right through the middle to get out the door, so you can't put any furniture in the middle. So we've kind of divided it in two, and I think it's OK. On one side is cushions and books. We're tossing up whether to get a small rug at the end.

On the other side we have two armchairs, a rug, and a tv bench. Not much furniture, but it took a bit of choosing. And it is all Ikea, so it took a bit of putting together! I actually quite like putting together Ikea furniture. I have put together a lot of flat pack in my life, including a fair bit from the crap dollar shop, and it is horrible. Ikea is much better - at least you know the bits are probably right and will line up in the right way. I find it quite satisfying to do (as long as I'm not in a rush, or a bad mood....) And it is just so cheap.

We bought the little cushions and I made the floor ones with fabric from Ikea as well - they have quite a nice selection there, but all decorator weight, so I couldn't use it for quilts. Nice for cushions though.

I'm not sure if cream was such a sensible choice, but the boys are older now, and the armchair covers are washable and replaceable if they get too bad. The next project is painting the hallway! It's quite disgraceful and I think a fresh paint job will make a huge difference. Let's see how that goes..


  1. That looks lovely. And so does your snail quilt. I love the colours. Sea snails.

  2. My mum had those Ikea chairs and stool in her conservatory. This has now been ripped down by the buyers of her house and replaced by a bigger extension, and the chairs went to auction along with most of her stuff. Sigh. But they were very comfy! Enjoy them.

  3. Looks like my new spot - especially when there is something incomprehensible on the other TV

  4. That looks like a great use of that space Lyl - but will your gangly boys fit in those chairs?