Thursday, January 14, 2016

My snails are done

I have finally finished quilting my blue and green snail trails - now called "Four Metre Swell" because it reminds me of sea and waves. Mind you everything reminds of the sea at the moment ... I have spent the week at work and it is all very boring and not nearly as much fun as splashing around in the ocean and being on holiday. Sigh. I have also been back on the useful public servant superannuation estimator, where you plug your figures in and it tells you what your pension will be. Not that I qualify for another ten years, and I should of course stay at work much longer if I want to be properly solvent, but I still go on and daydream about a small income stream. I could grow my own vegetables? be more frugal?

I had to hang it indoors (using Michelle's excellent skirt hanger trick! Awesome!) because it is finally raining and cool here in Canberra after a nasty week of over 35 temps. Not that it affected me much because I spent it in air-conditioning at work, but the short bursts in between were horribly hot. We went back to IKEA last night and actually spent a large sum of money on flat-pack furniture for the family room. I would show a photo but it's still in the flat stage ... we'll see how long it takes to put it together.

Here's a distance shot, showing the tinsel (we haven't taken the Christmas decorations down yet, slackers), the photo of the boys and the nude lady pastel. We bought it ages ago from a local art show and really liked it until a friend came round, did a double take and said "is she having a wank??" and we have never been able to feel quite the same about it again. But still it hangs there.

This is a shot of the quilting. Big fat feathers - I've done them before and I'm sure I'll do them again because it comes up so nicely.

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  1. your quilt looks great! just yesterday i took the nativity scene downstairs to pack away. still have a few Christmas banners up, but that's because it's too early to put up the valentine one and i don't have anything else suitable.

    my mom and step dad have a painting with a bare chested gal in their bedroom. they also have a nude statue of two people embracing, that has been broken and replaced more than once! when my daughter's boyfriend noticed it over this past holiday, he just looked at my mother kind of funny. i think that's when she said something about hippies and flower children. cracked me up because daughter's boyfriend is kind of a straight laced type.

    glad your weather is cooling a bit. we have had some pretty cold temps but today we are getting a bit of a break.