Saturday, October 3, 2015

Coral, grey, sheep

After a flurry of quilting and a frenzy of binding I finished my pinky orange and grey cross and circle thing ... now called "Sheep Stations". There is an Australian expression (possibly New Zealand as well, I get it all confused) where if people are getting a bit excited or serious about something ultimately trivial you say "we're not playing for sheep stations" ... also very useful for children's sport. Just a way of saying the stakes are low. Anyway, I had cause to use the expression on a few occasions over the past weeks and it seemed like a good name for a quilt.

I like it - it's a soft and friendly quilt. I ran out of fabric for the last border but decided not to fret and just put a different spotted neutral in for the last bit (see top right in the photo above). That grey chevron is printed wildly off the grain of the fabric so it looks a bit lopsided but I think it gives "character". Or possibly "movement".

The quilting is another craftsy class inspiration - a spiral with leaves coming off it. It's nice and open, with about the right density for this quilt, but there is a lot of backtracking - where you go over your quilting before you start again at a different spot. I liked doing it and it wasn't too time-consuming, but I am not particularly accurate with the backtracking and the worst bits are of course at the pink spots where the grey thread shows up terribly. Never mind ... sheep stations.


  1. Woolly thinking? I like it anyway. Did you finish it down the beach?

  2. "we're not playing for sheep stations" is definitely Australian, I don't think ours in NZ get that big that we'd worry about playing for them. But I'll try it on the kids and see what reaction I get :-)

  3. Wow Lynley! This is fantastic! Love the greys and oranges together. Looks like a really beautiful board game.

  4. PS love the name. I've not heard that term before but we didn't have sheep stations in NQ where I grew up. There may have been a similar saying for sugar cane farms perhaps ...