Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rotating my snails

I have made 36 snail trail blocks out of eighteen different fabrics, which I think is quite enough for a quilt - I trimmed them back to 12" so that will be a 70ish inch square quilt, or more if I add borders. I can't decide how to arrange them though. This is more traditional - it make a big pattern like wavy arm starfishes.

Or this is the other option - lots of waves.

I think I like the first one better, but I will ponder for a little while and then sew them together, and then think about a border. No rush.

In other news, I got attacked by a duck when I was out for my run on Sunday. Lots of flapping wings and I definitely felt a beak on the back of my legs, although there was no actual injury. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to get a photo, but the little bundles of fluff were so cute... see that one eyeing me off? It was the Assault Duck.


  1. Gosh, that looks complicated. But very pretty.

  2. He'd heard the canard that ducks were easy peckings.