Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oh, the humanity

We washed the dog on the weekend. Boy did she need it - grubby little monster.  When I say "we" washed the dog, I actually mean my husband - she adores him so much that she will do anything he wants, even have a bath, even when she really really hates it. And she does ... how is this for a look of long-suffering agony? It is so undignified when really fluffy animals have a bath; they look so diminished.

I made some more selvedge blocks because my plastic bag of strips was filling up. As usual, it surprised me how many strips it takes to make a block, and how long this is going to take me! I used quite a few of the ones that Michelle sent me, which was lovely, because they are different and new it made me happy to find them among my boring ones. So I think I did another eight blocks, which doesn't bring me much closer to enough for a quilt, but it could be a long term project.

The other project was moving the big bookshelf into my son's room, and tidying that complete cesspit including throwing quite a bit of stuff away, and generally make it presentable again. It is very incremental steps around here. We hadn't moved the bookshelf since we arrived here ten years ago and it was disgusting. We found a lot of small flat things (postcards, playing cards, Lego catalogues) that had been poked there over the years.


  1. cute selvedge blocks! is that a baby bathtub you are washing the dog in? hahaha. i would need a horse trough for my dog. 61 pounds of mutt... haha.

  2. Ah yes, a long-term project. Like, a fortnight instead of a week...