Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A bit retro

Number two son had a birthday last week, and one of the things he asked for was an instant camera. Despite the fact that this house already has a digital camera, three phones and four iPads that all take perfectly good photos, there is something about taking a photo and having it print out the back of the camera that appealed to him. And it looks pretty cool too.

It prints out credit card sized photos - and a film pack of 10 costs $30. Yep, three dollars a photo. Boy does that focus the mind, especially when you are 11 years old and have only ever known taking literally hundreds of anything that takes your fancy and then deleting the ones you don't want. I will buy some more film for general family use though, it is like magic when the photo develops! We never had one growing up in the 1970s - it was only the rich families - and I really like it. Good for parties :) Despite the photo being really tiny and not fabulous quality, it has a real charm.

I won't bore you all with a detailed account of my doings again ... there's not much to say! Working completely destroys your day. However the weather is finally warm enough to start dyeing again. I like it when it's all white and full of potential.


  1. shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture! remember that line from a hip hop song? haha. well, we weren't the rich set, but we did have a polaroid camera way back when. and even then, the film was outrageously expensive. now, it's just fun to take all those digital pics and go print the ones we want out at the store.

  2. Working is extremely time-consuming, so how come I still haven't done all the things I thought I would when I retired? All I can say is, grandchildren are even more disruptive of one's day. But cuddlier.