Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Unseasonably warm

This last long weekend has been ridiculously warm for early October - 37 degrees today down the coast - so number one and I spent it at the beach. And we went swimming, even though the water is still freezing. It was a wonderful taste of summer just weeks after winter and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Number one had been down with his dad the week before and they bought him a bike! Which is quite a big deal in our world, neither of the boys own bikes or have ridden them in the past. My husband never rode a bike as a kid, just walked or took the bus everywhere. He knows how to ride one but didn't see the need for our kids to learn. I spent my entire childhood on my bike - to and from school from the ages of 7 to 17 - and everything else I wanted to do between times like visiting friends. No helmets back in the day either, and I took some massive spills. But all good and I would have made sure the boys had this useful skill except that we live in a very bike unfriendly location - on a blind corner in a narrow road at the top of a steep hill. There is really nowhere around here to learn ... even our driveway is on a 30 degree tilt.

So I didn't insist (I'm a bit lazy too) and then before you know it we have a great gangly teenager wobbling around on his first bike. But he did wonderfully, and this weekend I extracted my old bike from the shed after ten years and took it down to the awesome bike guy at the beach for a service - and off we went, son and me, around the flat, gentle, traffic-free streets of our small beachside town. Very enjoyable, and you genuinely never forget how. It's not really exercise though, not the way I do it. My thighs were fine, but jeez my bum hurts.

I insist on wearing helmets, even though no-one else does. The typical bike rider at the beach is wearing a single item of clothing (board shorts) and is riding a 70s dragster one handed with a surfboard under the other arm. I'm afraid I am a bit more cautious, at least in the beginning. But we had some great rides - I go along behind shouting "hand signals! watch out for that toddler! car coming!!!" with this view.


  1. just a couple weeks ago i purchased a new bike for myself and after decades of not riding, i have been on the bike several times already. love it! just got an old fashioned one speed bike with a coaster brake. nothing fancy at all.

  2. Doug will have the one hand on the handlebars and the board under the other arm in no time at all. Now for Gabe. I can imagine his continuous commentary already - I've heard it once teaching Taine up in Samoa.