Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just chillin'

After the excitement of a day in Melbourne (yes, it was exciting, first time I've been on a plane all year!) it was a very relaxed long weekend.  Number two son is still happily rehearsing - I helped them move from the rehearsal venue to the theatre on Monday and it's all very professional and a bit intimidating. They had a media call yesterday, tech rehearsal today, dress rehearsal tomorrow. He's relishing it. I thought there was a bit much hugging. Theatre people....

He did use a spare morning to make biscotti. I'm not sure why, but it was absolutely delicious. A bit frustrating because you have to make the cake/loaf and then wait overnight to slice it and bake it again ... but worth it. I've had a lot of biscotti in my life and I think this is some of the best ever - lots of orange and nuts.

I felt an overwhelming urge to make snail trail blocks. And to do it on white! After reading that Unexpected book I thought I would be all scrappy and re-claimed and improvised ... but no. I felt like a single block with a limited colour palette - so snail trail in blues and greens. Quite fun so far, and an easy block to sew with the window open and the rest of the family just doing whatever it is they do.

And every now and again I could break for coffee and biscotti. Here is an action shot.

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  1. That's my kind of action shot! The biscotti look and sound delicious.