Sunday, September 6, 2015

And a busy weekend

It's been quite a social weekend - I think the warmer weather is bringing Canberrans out of their hibernation. Like bears. It certainly brought out the teenagers across the road who decided to have a party on Friday night - at about 11.30 I stormed over and did my best "I am from next door and you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW". Which worked, as it tends to do.

I had actually just got home because number two son and I had been on the other side of town to a production of "Into the Woods".  It was a great show - much better than I thought it would be - with some very talented performers. Probably a better cast than Grease last month, but it wasn't the same kind of toe-tapping experience, being a completely different kind of musical. Both number two and I enjoyed the movie and were very familiar with the songs, so good fun all round. Although by the time it reached the end at 11ish we were both exhausted.

Saturday I ran the usual 8km route but in short sleeves! I start down by the Chinese garden and the magnolia are out, and the blossoms. It was a beautiful morning. Sunday was the annual Canberra fun run which I chose not to participate in because the Mother's Day run was so ghastly ... too many people.

And Saturday night and Sunday lunch we caught up with friends we haven't seen for ages, so all very social and a little bit tiring. I will go back to work for a rest.... number two decided to make garlic and rosemary flavoured paneer for our guests - he thought rosemary flowers were better than leaves (who knows, he may be right) so boiled them up with the milk before making the cheese. It tasted really quite nice, much to everyone's surprise.


  1. Thanks for the morning laugh, Lynley! I probably woke up the entire house when I read "Which worked. As it tends to." LOL

    So funny to read how excited you are to run in short sleeves and I can't wait to have to put a sweatshirt on!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, and I'm very impressed with both the 8km and the paneer :-) Spring over here has started with the usual blast from the Antarctic so we spent the weekend dodging showers (if we braved the real world) or huddled in front of the fire. Maybe next week?

  3. Gabe makes my white sauce and parsley for the fish pie seem quite ordinary, but Glenda and Dennis (Palmerston) seemed to like it. They didn't know about the "half a packet of French Onion soup on the baked veges to make them taste exotic" either.

  4. Still so dang hot here the air conditioner is working overtime and if this humidity doesn't produce one heck of a storm soon, I will be surprised. ugh. I am sooooo ready for Fall weather. So ready. I laughed out loud when I read about the neighbors. Once I was woke up at 6 a.m. by an idiot down the street who decided to cut grass at that un-godly hour on a Saturday. I actually walked down to the house, which was a block away, in my pajamas, and told him I thought he was nuts and to shut the damn mower off. I must have been really scary looking because he did! haha