Thursday, September 10, 2015

Noughts and crosses

I did circles around the cross blocks - inadvertently creating a whole noughts and crosses thing. Entirely unintentional. I used Michelle's excellent tutorial again to create the circles - except I machine appliqu├ęd them on for reasons of speed. I'm quilting it now with a design from one of my never-ending craftsy classes - they're not really never-ending it's just that I get about ten minutes in and I think that I'd rather be actually quilting and now I've got all these ideas ... so off I go for about two weeks and then come back for another ten minutes. There are eight half hour classes, so you see what I mean about never-ending.

I managed to take the photo quickly, because someone was hovering, and in she came about thirty seconds after I put the quilt down. This is our first spring with Mishka, and she is shedding like a bastard. There's a whole different kind of winter fox fur that comes off her and gathers in giant tumbleweeds that roll down the corridor.

I've kept on at the big housetop blocks, using up a small fraction of the strips. The centre square are my crumb blocks, of which I still have badillions. The blocks is kind of cool in a very random way. I will quilt them with something equally random and overall.

1 comment:

  1. your blocks are great! i need to do some scrappy blocks.

    try giving mishka a fish oil pill (i get mine from aldi or wal mart). it will help her to shed less. not completely stop it, but it will help some.