Sunday, September 20, 2015


It's been a bit of a chaotic week around here - both at home and at work. My new job is not political, but it is up at Parliament House working closely with politicians; so when there was a leadership spill on Monday that resulted in a new Prime Minister for Australia it was all high drama and chaos and lots of being glued to the television - with quick dashes into the corridor - and not doing much work. I wasn't involved at all, and it shouldn't result in any changes to my job, but the atmosphere of the building gets quite feverish when something like this is going on, and it's quite hard to settle to what you should be doing. I should have been more careful when I wished for a job that was a bit new and exciting...

And there's chaos at home as we slowly near the end of the cupboard re-painting. I've moved the books (photo albums) back onto the shelves and now we just have to get some new hinges for the doors and put those back on and re-arrange everything. I'm taking the opportunity to get rid of the big dark pine bookcase on the right - it has been a wonderful piece of furniture but the room will be much lighter and clearer with it gone.

The flow-on from that has meant getting rid of a lot of books; it is just ludicrous how many books we have. The fiction only just fits into the hallway shelves, and both the boy's bookcases are overflowing, and both my husband and I have shelves in our hobby rooms for books ... it cannot be necessary to keep them all! And now I've stopped cooking I don't need any cookbooks (and we use the internet anyway, if we ever do want a recipe) but my husband will only let me throw out a select few. Same with the gardening books, and the aviation books, and the bushwalking books; but even a couple of bags has made a big difference and I am very much looking forward to the new revamped room. Maybe by Christmas...


  1. But if you don't want books what am I going to send for birthday presents ...?

    1. we DO want books! just not perhaps the Hudson and Halls 1982 cookbook, and the Salads for Families that had a whole section on jellied vegetables...

  2. Yes, I keep having the same thoughts about cookbooks. I cook the same two recipes from each book and for new ones I go to the internet. As for other books, lalalala, can't hear you.

  3. Hear! Hear! Jen. And I remembered that I have usually forgotten to write a "Happy Birthday,.." or whatever in them. Oh, dear.
    On the job, Lyl. Were you the one responsible for the black/white smoke out the chimney? Watch out, They might have the 1989 NZ manual on "Lean and Mean for Public Servants". Unless they've painted the shelves and thrown it out, of course.