Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I made 81 of those kaleidoscope blocks in the end (I got bored at 70, but thought I would make a square quilt, so struggled through another 11) and sewed them together. There was no real plan for the colours, but I tried to use ones that were light and warm, to make a cheerful quilt, and it seems to have worked.

I won't do much for the border, maybe a light plain one, then a dark plain one. The blocks finish at 6" so it will probably be only about 60" square when I finish, maybe a bit more. Enough for a single bed I think. And that was pretty much the weekend, it wasn't very exciting. I didn't go to work yesterday after giving myself an upset tummy with poor food hygiene practices (raw chicken! apparently it's not good for you) but fortunately it was just me sneaking food before it was cooked so only poisoned myself. Moron.

This is Gary. Not the child, the lizard. One of the TV channels is showing Harry Potter on endless repeat and for the ad they have that bit where Hagrid says "You're a wizard, Harry!". So all lizards are greeted with "You're a lizard, Gary!" and called Gary for the duration (i.e. until whenever I notice and make them take it outside. I don't like tiny things scampering around the house at the edge of my vision. The boys and the cat are well past the scampering age, and the dog mostly prances).


  1. absolutely hilarious - 'you're a lizard, gary!' - i love it!

    and the quilt top is very pretty. should make a nice quilt with a couple simple borders. good job!

  2. I'm with bunbear - "you're a lizard, gary" is still cracking me up!
    And the quilt is amazing, well worth overcoming the boredom factor.

  3. I like your colours in the quilt - it looks kind of vintage, but also bright and fresh.