Sunday, March 22, 2015

Exercise and drugs

I have started taking my exercise down by the lake - mostly because it's flat, but also because it's pretty. There is green grass (the only place in Canberra there is! we haven't had decent rain in six weeks, so if you want green you need somewhere artificially watered) and open spaces and not many people.

I've had a slightly depressing week - I went and saw the oncologist for a regular check up and I am perfectly healthy and fine - but there have been some new studies out and he wants to change the preventative drugs I am on. I am all in favour of new studies (and happy the doctor keeps up with them) but I had reached an accommodation with the old drugs ... these could be better, or could be worse, I just have to find out. Sigh. And it means back in the chemo ward once a month for an injection, which again is fine, they are lovely there ... but despite everyone's best efforts it's not exactly the most cheerful place in the world.

And to top it off the studies show that it's best to keep on the drugs and keep seeing the doctors for ten years, rather than five. So just when I thought I was nearly shot of the whole damn enterprise it looks like I'm not. I hadn't realised until he said it how much I was looking forward to being rid of it all! But I'm not going to argue with a study that says it's better for keeping people like me alive. It's just made me a bit gloomy, which is why here is a shot of flowers.

This is the remains of the rose garden in the Parliamentary triangle, it is just about past its best but some flowers are still hanging on. This isn't a very good photo, it is actually quite colourful still.


  1. Alas. What a bummer. But staying alive seems a very good idea.

  2. since i remember from previous posts that you do not like trite comments about how things are fine and things are going to work out, yada yada, i'm going to risk p*ssing you off and say this - suck it up! one shot a month for ten years to keep you alive? hell yes!!! do anything you can do to increase the chances of seeing your kids grow up and be able to grow old with your hubby. besides, if you kicked the bucket, i wouldn't have a friend's blog in Australia to read.

  3. I can certainly understand how thinking you are done with something unpleasant only to find out at the last minute that you have five more years of it would really suck. But if it improves the chance of you having time to spend with your husband, sweet boys, and making quilts, it seems like a great investment.

    Maybe you could could treat yourself to something nice each month after treatment to help take the sting away.

  4. Kind of want you around for the foreseeable....