Sunday, March 29, 2015

A quiet weekend

It's been a quiet but excellent weekend - nothing much going on which is fine by me! I spent all of yesterday in the sewing room or reading, with small breaks for lunch and laundry. Nowhere to go and nothing to do ... perfect. I've finished quilting the kaleidoscope quilt and now I'm stitching down the binding. Or at least I'm trying to stitch down the binding, but there's a fluffy problem.

And I thought it was just cats that went straight for quilts and sat on them. This morning we went for a walk now it's cooling down a bit and baseball has finished for the year. We started with a nice flat suburban walk, up and down Gininderra Creek. About an hour and a half, and it felt surprisingly rural for a path in town. The dog came too (and is now exhausted, it doesn't take much when your legs are only five inches long. She is currently lying on my feet and snoring).

My husband did his usual Sunday morning run to the fruit and veg markets. I like the radishes, these oblong ones are quite spicy. Summer fruit is over but the apples are lovely. Oh no, I'm talking about seasonal fruit. It has been a quiet couple of days...


  1. Looks very relaxed. Are you watching the cricket? We had such high hopes, too. I should have taken photos of the snapper - 2 lots this week of limit bags in full daylight, bright sun and flat calm.

  2. Autumn fruit? cricket? You must be in Oz or NZ.
    I have just returned to Canada and am missing it

  3. That is a fluffy dog. As usual, I am extremely impressed by your quilt.

  4. my great grandpa used to grow the long white radishes and they did have a bit of zip to them. pretty good eats, in my opinion!