Thursday, March 5, 2015

This and that

Here is what I bordered the kaleidoscope with - plain and then orange. Or more of a dark apricot.

Last night number two son and I went to the noodle markets down by the lake - part of the Enlighten festival where they light up the public buildings in Canberra .... artistically. Number one was at baseball practice, so given his dislike of any food with flavour, we thought it was a good time to go. The noodle markets were a new idea and could have worked, but the queues were ridiculous and they put up temporary fences to pen everyone into a small space.

I don't understand why they do this - it was a beautiful evening and we were surrounded by acres of green space and trees - but they crammed everyone in and it was horrible. There were tables for about a twentieth of the people there, so we sat on the grass and tried to look like we were having fun. It was free, so there's no reason to have the walls. I could only be bothered queuing for one thing and it was ordinary, but apparently there was some fabulous food there, if you were prepared to spend half an hour in line for it. I really dislike crowds so we hightailed it out of there quickly and went and sat by the lake and enjoyed the view.

This is a bunch of little sailboats that light up after dark - it is an interactive installation I believe although I didn't get the details. They looked way cool bobbing up and down in the little waves. Soothing...


  1. totally cool! now, i really have to ask...what is a 'noodle market'? is it a festival where they sell different kinds of noodles? we like our pasta here in the states but i can't really see a festival devoted completely to noodles going over very well. ribs, yes. certain cultures' cuisine (like oktoberfest with german food), yes.

    and those little boats are really neat.

    i like your choices for borders on the quilt.

  2. Your quilt is lovely. Very cheering.