Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Workout complete"

No, sadly, not a real workout - they are never complete, but just drag on and on - it seems every time you finish exercising it's time to start exercising again. I am not a natural exerciser. But that is what I called my solid scrappy around the world quilt, which I have finished. I didn't give it a border but just went straight to a plain blue binding.

I was going to do an allover pattern but thought that was a bit boring, so ended up doing medallion style borders of quilting. It's probably not very clear, but there is a flower kind of thing in the middle, then borders of different motifs. Some feathers of course, and other meandery wobbly things. It is meant to give it a kind of medallion look - I did each border in different colour threads as well - but I don't know how obvious it is. It might be clearer if you look at the middle.

And this is the back - on the left is the last of the fabrics I bought in American Samoa in 2010! I thought I had used them all up but there was this excellently cheerful bordered print lurking at the bottom of a tub. It's a large queen size, but probably not quite king, so I will take it down the beach. And add it to the pile.


  1. are those some of your hand dyed fabrics? i just love the colors! great job quilting it, too.