Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shimmy till my garters break

A busy old Wednesday here - my day off from work usually involves more activity (and achievement, if I'm honest) than my days in the office. Not that it all went well - I went out and bought a new Vivofit flexband thing and was so excited - but it won't work without the software that my laptop's operating system is too old for! Can you believe that? I can update the software but that involves backing up and things, and so it all got a bit hard. I might get the nice young men down at the apple shop to do it ... at least that way if anything goes wrong I can blame them and get them to give me a hefty discount on a new one. Hah!

Anyway, my activity tracker will have to wait; and therefore, my entire fitness. Because obviously, if you don't get enough exercise, the way to fix it is buying purchasing a small electronic gadget. I did also buy some new running shorts (actually knee length, there is a lot of cellulite to cover) so I'm basically already a marathoner, by purchasing alone.

In quilting news, I finished the top of my solids scrappy trip around the world. It's quite active visually, but I like it! I'm not going to do a border, just bind it. I don't have enough of any one colour to do a solid border, and anything pieced will just burn your eyeballs out. I did it singing along to the soundtrack of the Chicago movie, which is why the post title. I needed a bunch of new earworms to ease out the Into the Woods songs.

This is my pretty blue nail polish (ignore the fat loose-skinned old lady hands). And my mother's pearl ring, which sets off the blue rather nicely. This is the Miracle Gel that is supposed to be rock hard and not chip like regular polish - it does seem to last a bit longer and be a bit tougher than normal, but it's not exactly a miracle. My son would like the blog to note that he put it on his fingernails and it all peeled off within a few hours. He did spend most of that time in the surf, and the rest digging sandcastles, but still ... not a miracle. 


  1. my daughter likes that nail polish gel stuff. she's not a girlie girl, so not having to mess with painting her nails frequently works for her! pretty ring, by the way...

    i like the quilt top. that's right up my alley - all different pieces in just squares.

  2. The ring brings back memories. We bought it when the original which I gave her for her 21st was stolen back in the early 80s. Betty was always aware that her fingers were rather short and stubby (I didn't think so) so any rings she got had to be plain and uncluttered. Yes, it is still a lovely ring. And the quilt looks like the one on my bed - except that it is fading rather so I might have to make a trip.

  3. The quilt is the miracle - all those squares meeting exactly at the corners.

  4. The quilt reminds me of post-it notes, but that's possibly because I have been using them non stop for the last 5 weeks :) (Cassie)