Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Keeping on

Just keeping on keeping on at the moment - I'm still making blocks rather than quilts - up to 58 kaleidoscope blocks now! I'm going to keep going until I stop. They don't seem to be getting any more accurate or flatter. Number two son and I went to the book fair again this weekend; they have them every six months. This is my $20 haul (I stuffed my grocery bag as full as I could).

Number two filled a bag as well, although his bag did not disgorge in a neat pile but appears to have vomited books over the lounge room floor.

But it's hard to be cross with a child that just made Viennese butter biscuits, covered in chocolate. And made one with a smiley face, just because.

We are still surrounded by storms that refuse to actually rain. It's humid and so hot; distant flashes of lightening but it probably won't come to anything. The dog is panting fluffily after a brief walk but she's happy because my husband is at home and sitting on the floor ... he has been forgiven for giving her a much-needed bath yesterday. I came home and she greeted me with a massive droplet shake. I nearly went back to work...

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  1. it's 24 degrees F here and we have 10" of snow on the ground...