Sunday, February 22, 2015


I had a lovely weekend - the luxury of two days down the beach by myself! Such hedonism. I fully intended to take the entire family but they kept dropping out one by one ... one son had baseball, the other had a birthday party sleepover, then my husband had to deliver his model plane to the Canberra Show on Sunday .... I suggested he could get someone else to drop it off but apparently No-one Touches The Rigging. So I thought bugger it, even if they're all too busy I need some salt water and headed straight down from work on Friday in a delirious happiness of solitude.

The weather was lovely, the waves were crashing, the serenity was awesome and I had a lovely time making unwise food choices and watching trash television. Perfect. I also did a little bit of sewing - just bits and pieces of things that appeal to me and I might use in the future. It's quite a good chance just to do borders and things from the pre-cut strips, like this one. There's a nice quilting shop in Moruya too that I went and had a poke around in and bought a couple of little things.

It was touch and go whether I'd come back to Canberra, but I did ... I could have done with a week spent in exactly the same way! One day.

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  1. that sounds wonderful.. would love to have a break like that about now. just trying to stay warm here. like the fabrics in your picture. they are bright and happy.