Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Just blocks

I seem to be in the mood for making blocks, but not for putting them together. I made 25 of the solid scrappy trip around the world blocks, which is enough for a medium-sized quilt, but I really don't feel like sewing them into anything. I made the left over solid strips in bunches of triangles, and another dozen or so selvage blocks (I've run out of selvages now....). But I don't want to sew them up. Now I'm making six inch kaleidoscope blocks out of my 3 1/2 " strips.

I've made these blocks before and they annoyed me because they weren't very good and there's a lot of bulk at the centre. Making them smaller has helped - and I do the corner triangles oversized, then trim the lot down, so at least the final block is square and the right size.

Here is how the dog spends the day, lying by the front door waiting for my husband to get home. At least she's not ripping up the furniture or digging in the garden, but doesn't she look sad? I can't believe she spends all day there but evidence so far suggests she does.

And otherwise I am having a crankypants day. I had a mammogram this morning - just routine but still my two least favourite things of waiting around and being poked and prodded - on top of a crap sleep last night, and it's hot and humid with a big storm coming. I just bent over to pick something up and whacked my head on the sofa, number one's baseball this afternoon is on the other side of town, the guy in Lincraft overcharged me $6.50 and I didn't notice until I got home, and generally my metaphorical undies are bunched. I am taking it out by shouting at the cat, who doesn't notice and won't care.


  1. Maybe the dog is doing the clever thing and just staying out of your way?

    I hope your undies have unbunched today :-)

  2. Maybe you could put down a quilt for her to lie on?

  3. Its the start of school year thing I think Lynley. Im very out of sorts. Too much too do catching up after the break, and some one has stolen our beach so no soothing walks with the dog/s to restore the good karma. Can you escape down there soon? Claire