Friday, January 16, 2015

Been at the beach

Sorry for such a long blogging break - we were down the beach without any internet for three full weeks! I don't think I've ever spent such a long time at the coast, with nothing to do but catch waves and read books and watch the entire first four series of Warehouse 13 (which the boys and I are thoroughly enjoying). Even cooking and cleaning and washing is more tolerable when you can do it at your own pace.

I thought I might get bored or restless but HELL NO ... in fact I could have gone another three weeks quite easily. The boys were missing internet but not in a fractious way. And of course we had the dog for endless hours of entertainment. She is fitting in very well but is quite clingy - follows me from room to room to see what I'm doing. Her favourite thing is when we all sit around watching TV and she can flop on the floor with us and go to sleep. Her second-favourite thing is a goddam squeaky toy that we can only tolerate for about twenty minutes before it goes into the high cupboard.

Number one son figured out his underwater camera that was a birthday present from Grandad and took a lot of artistic shots of water. It's really hard to use because the bright sunlight (and the fact you're in water) makes it almost impossible to see the image on the screen, so you can never really tell what you're taking a photo of. So there are a lot of pictures of random water.

And one of the Great Pink Mummy Whale. Thanks son. We had a few sets of friends came and stay for a night or two which was lovely - break up our own company a bit. The little house copes very well with guests, although I'm already eyeing off the bigger places. For retirement! I can't afford it for decades yet but it sounds very very appealing.


  1. so glad you had a relaxing three weeks! missed you on the blog, but totally understand wanting to be disconnected.

  2. Welcome back, GPMW. I've missed you.