Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A depressing and expensive week

It's been one thing after another at chez Lynley this week. Here is a photo of where our fridge should be, except it up and died. As usual, it took us a good couple of days to notice it wasn't working ("why is the butter soft? where is all this water coming from?") and there was a hell of a mess.

This is a photo of where the dog bed should be. My husband fed her chicken hearts as a bit of a change, and she had a night of diarrhoea, shut up in her dog crate. Not pretty, not pretty at all. She was  upset, but not unwell, and seems fine now after a day back on her usual diet.

This is a photo of our washing machine, that decided to stop working JUST WHEN WE NEEDED IT MOST. Heartless machine. How do they know when to break down for maximum carnage?

Both the washing machine and the fridge were at the end of their lives (hard, long, dirty lives) so we have ordered new ones to arrive next week. Luckily we have plenty of clothes, and a spare fridge, but spending the money still pains me. I am trying not to look at the piles of wet towels...


  1. on the upside - the dog was in the crate when she got sick and not on your couch! sorry you are having a bad week. makes you want to go back on vacation, doesn't it? lol hey, hang in there.

  2. At least that's the magic 3 things, so hopefully you are good for a while. We are in the same boat, waiting for fridge and washing machine to die - this is why we work I suppose...

  3. Dogged by bad luck? Bad luck buy dog?
    Dad. (14 snapper Wed. Kilos of huge,red potatoes today. Where are you?)