Thursday, January 22, 2015

Scrap quilt finished

This is the finished scrap quilt I was working on before christmas. I finished it up, but it's not a favourite. The colours are a bit bleh for me. In keeping with the vague christmassy theme I called it "Always winter but never Christmas" from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I always thought that line was hilarious when I was a kid, because Christmas is in summer. What kind of strange winter would have a Christmas in it?

Terrible photo, because it's sunny today, after whopper thunderstorms yesterday. I was going to hit up one of the neighbours to use their washing machine, but didn't in the end. The thought of doing a load of washing in someone else's house and then hanging it on my line to have it soaked again - and then going back to the neighbours to spin it out ... I decided just to keep on being dirty for a while. And in the end we had some quite torrential downpours so it was a good call.

Here is the dog waiting for me to finish photographing the quilt and throw the ball for her to fetch. She loves fetching, until she gets bored (or forgets what she was doing) and wanders off. When she fetches she makes this hilarious sort of whirring sound half way between a purr and a high pitched growl. Cracks us all up.

And she's wandered off - something in the garden looks interesting - and off she goes. Her tummy seems fine now, which is good, so we will ban chicken hearts for the future. Not that I ever considered them in the first place ...


  1. glad the pooch is better. seems like they heal up pretty quickly for the most part. i do like the quilt. it just looks comfortable, like something you would pull from the back of the couch to cover up with and read a good book under. and what kind of SUMMER has Christmas in it???? hahahaha you guys over there crack me up... :) sure hope you get your washer and fridge delivered soon. what an inconvenience. ugh