Thursday, January 29, 2015

This sucks

So, we had a long weekend for Australia Day, which we spent at the beach, but I got a terrible cold on Saturday, and it won't go away, and I've spent two days on the sofa, feeling grumpy. It's knocked me over much more than usual, I blame work. Didn't get a single sniffle when I was on holiday for four weeks, hell no.


  1. That is one awful photo - said with love, I'm sorry you're feeling soooo miserable.

  2. Just because you didn't get a knighthood!
    Seriously, that looks and sounds very miserable. Gwenda's and my first reaction was that it was Gabe under there, then Doug.
    We are most impressed with the boy's baking.

    I watched the final of the BIG BASH at Manuka Oval the other night - made me feel homesick.


  3. Poor Tony could never have heard the old saying "Once a lord always a lord but once a knight is enough!"