Sunday, January 18, 2015

Finding the solid love again

I haven't made anything much with my solid fabrics for about a year - don't know why, just didn't feel the vibe. So the shelves are full and I haven't done any dyeing this summer either. But when I got back into the sewing room on Friday I thought again how pretty they looked, and so I'm doing a scrappy trip around the world, in a random collection of solids. I thought about co-ordinating a colour scheme but decided against it.

I'm trying to use every colour just once (but some of the colours are so similar it defeats the purpose). This is my pile of fabrics I've used - some of them are really nice. It's a great exercise in getting to know the different colours again. And the different cottons - I have clearly dyed any old thing over the years and the texture and quality of each one is really variable. But all still usable.

Other than that I am not at all looking forward to going back to work tomorrow after four weeks off! How on earth will I maintain focus all day? When I will have my nap?


  1. Would you believe it? there was a hole and castle on the beach at Pauanui exactly like that one. I had to rub my eyes to see which boy was making it. Mind you my new surf shirt is black and yellow so I figured it wasn't me.

  2. That's a pretty pile of colour.

  3. love those hand dyed fabrics! such 'honest' color. does that make sense? lol