Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quilting a bit

I'm quilting the enormous scrappy one that I don't really like. Someone said it looked a bit christmassy so I'm doing a kind of modified holly overall pattern thing. It's meant to look like this but I'm not sure if I'm achieving it.

Such a wrestle to get the damn thing through my machine. Sometimes I really enjoy doing an allover pattern on a big quilt - it's nice and therapeutic and looks good. And sometimes it just irritates me and I wish it could be finished quicker ... this is an irritable one. The gaps between the quilting lines get wider and wider as I try to get it done faster. That's not a problem though, I don't like super dense quilting on a bed quilt.

I spent an hour slicing the leftover fabric into strips, which always feels good, so now I might just sew up some little blocks with them. I don't have a project at the moment that I'm burning to work on and it feels quite good, I might just potter for a while.


  1. That dog looks like a great footwarmer.

    Thanks for the chuckles and the inspiration, and all best wishes for 2015.

  2. i like the holly quilt pattern!