Monday, December 8, 2014

Still running around

I made it back home and I've been enjoying it all week,  although I feel like I haven't really stopped. I got back Monday night, went into work Tuesday then to the carols by candlelight at the local shops. The school choir were singing - including number two son - it's not really by candlelight because it doesn't get dark until nearly 9 at this time of year.

Wednesday I don't work so unpacked and did four hundred loads of washing then worked Thursday and Friday before loading the boys into the car and going down the beach. It was very nice to be back at our patch of the Pacific Ocean ... although it rained and rained and rained on Saturday. Not the usual evening storm but proper set-in rain. We went for a walk during the only clear spell and it didn't last long.

Luckily Sunday was lovely weather and we had a couple of good swims before coming back. So with this kind of week there is not much going on in my sewing room at the moment. I am staring at this pile of red and blue drunkard's path blocks I did before I went away. I don't like them much, but I will keep sewing them together and see where it takes me.

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  1. How strange it seems to us up here to see carol singing in the light, in tee shirts.