Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas

We had a lovely quiet Christmas - just the four of us (and the cat, the dog, and two rabbits) - hanging out at home, opening presents and eating yummy food. It rained on and off during the day so it was lovely and cool ... in the afternoon we went for a walk (not the cat, or the rabbits). Christmas Eve we went into town and looked at the lights.

It's a massive LED light display in the main pedestrian plaza that you can walk through. There were tons of people around just strolling (the shops had shut by then). There's also a carousel in the middle of town that is mostly quite neglected and sad looking but for once it was great; full with people and kids and all lit up. Like a carousel is supposed to be.

The dog is fitting into the family beautifully - she is very calm and seems happy to be with us. She loves food and sleeping, especially at someone's feet. She's decided my husband is pack leader (humph) and follows him around dotingly.

The cat is still absolutely outraged and has taken a couple of swipes; but the level of fury is diminishing, so we're hoping they reach some kind of detente. Mishka (the dog) completely avoids Zelda (the cat) whenever possible, but sometimes she gets ambushed from a sofa arm.

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